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KuCoin - bonus 2024

Trust Score 10

KuCoin - bonus 2024

Trust Score 10

Volumen 7d


Volumen (24h)
6,625 BTC
Trust score
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Code valid until 5.2024
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How to get free bonus - KuCoin

How to get a welcome bonus on the KuCoin platform?

Getting access to the welcome bonus on the KuCoin platform is very easy, it basically comes down to entering the referral code 26dKd during the registration of our KuCoin account.

One of the most important things to note, however, is that each user can only use the promotional code once. So when we create a KuCoin account for the first time, we use this code and automatically qualify for a 5% discount on all transaction fees. Unfortunately, users who already have an account on the platform will not receive such a discount.

Below we provide a complete guide on how to use the referral code and claim our bonus:

  1. Go to the website, then click “sign up”.
  2. Provide your email address and create a strong password.
  3. Then you will be asked for a referral code, at this point enter the promotional code 26dKd.
  4. Due to increasing regulations on exchanges, we will need to complete KYC verification to gain full access to the KuCoin platform. This step is necessary to activate the account.
  5. After successful verification, the discount on transaction fees will be automatically added to our account.

After registering and successfully verifying the account, we can also invite other people to register on the platform, earning additional bonuses for each referred person.

Let’s take a look at how we can earn additional bonuses through the referral program.

KuCoin Referral Program:

In the past, KuCoin used a referral program that was not much different from other exchanges. Users shared their referral code to invite friends, colleagues, and family members, and as a result, they earned a small portion of their transaction fees.

To gain a competitive advantage in the market, KuCoin updated its referral program to be as beneficial as possible for users. The main difference in this update is that we are rewarded with “stars” for inviting more people to the platform. After receiving these stars, we can use them to redeem various bonuses offered by KuCoin.

These bonuses are paid out in both USDT and other tokens and are directly proportional to the number of stars. This means that the size of the reward increases with the number of stars we earn. The limit set by KuCoin is 1000 USDT per user. So in total, we can earn up to $4750 by referring our friends.

KuCoin Partner Program:

The partner program used by KuCoin is slightly more traditional compared to other exchanges worldwide. Under this program, the commission we can earn by referring others is directly related to the transaction fees generated by the people we referred.

The partner program is designed for people who can provide sufficient evidence that they have a significant number of followers on specific social media platforms. Only if we meet this requirement, we can apply for partner status on the KuCoin platform.

KuCoin commits that as their partners, we can earn a commission of up to 40% of the trading fees generated by our referrals. The exchange also offers second-level commissions – under this, we will be able to earn a small portion of the commission earned by the people we referred in the referral program.

About the KuCoin platform:

Since then, the exchange has been working on its strengths, making it currently one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms.

KuCoin has achieved this in two ways:

Firstly, the exchange offered new users large referral bonuses and competitive transaction fees.
Secondly, the exchange added DeFi features that allow users to borrow while keeping their cryptocurrencies as collateral. This allowed KuCoin to quickly gain popularity and increase its user base.

Now let’s look at some of the features offered by KuCoin:

KuCoin DeFi Features:

KuCoin offers all the major DeFi features we need on a cryptocurrency exchange. Through KuCoin, we can stake our cryptocurrencies and earn interest on them. The interest rates on cryptocurrencies vary, with the riskiest currencies having the highest interest rates.

KuCoin has also launched its own token called KCS. KCS holders on the exchange can earn bonuses and reduce transaction fees. They have also launched a launchpad platform called Spotlight, which allows us to become early investors in new tokens.

KuCoin Mobile Apps:

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has one of the most well-known cryptocurrency apps in the industry compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The KuCoin mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. It is considered bug-free on both operating systems and generally has the best reviews of all mobile exchange apps. Additionally, the KuCoin app has all the features available in the desktop version, making it convenient for investors to monitor their transactions while on the go.

Use the KuCoin referral code 26dKd:

The welcome bonus on the KuCoin platform is available to all users creating an account for the first time, so if you don’t have an account yet, it’s definitely worth using the code 26dKd during registration.

Exchange description - KuCoin

KuCoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. It is registered in the country of Seychelles. The KuCoin exchange is available at . In addition, information about the platform can be obtained from official social media accounts (e.g. Twitter Facebook Reddit ). The current Trust Score for this exchange is 10. In the last 24 hours, the trading volume reached 6,625 BTC.

Register on KuCoin exchange and receive a bonus of $500!

KuCoin is an online cryptocurrency exchange that has been popular among investors from around the world since 2017. The exchange debuted in 2017, which was a perfect time to enter the crypto market as there was a clear bull market at that time. However, the company achieved success not only because of entering the market at the right time but also thanks to its competitive offering. KuCoin offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, various trading options, and some of the lowest transaction fees.

Information about KuCoin exchange in a nutshell:

  • Owner: Mek Global Limited.
  • Country of origin: Seychelles, China.
  • Year of establishment: 2017.
  • Website:
  • Number of offered cryptocurrencies: Over 300.
  • FIAT currency support: No.
  • StableCoin: Yes.
  • Polish language: Yes.
  • PLN currency: Not available.
  • Deposits of digital currencies: free.
  • Withdrawals of digital currencies: depending on the chosen cryptocurrency.
  • Account creation and maintenance: free.
  • Commissions: maker max. 0.10%, taker max 0.40%.
  • Available options: futures contracts, trading with margin, KuCoin Pool, KuCoin Earn, cryptocurrency loans, NFT trading platform, and much more.
  • Supported currencies:Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Solana, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polkadot, USDC, XRP, BNB, AVAX, Terra, SHIB, BUSD.
  • Native cryptocurrency: yes – KCS. Half of the daily fees are distributed among all KCS token holders. Additionally, KCS holders can receive discounts on fees (1% fee discount for every 1000 KCS held, up to 30%).
  • Support: 24/7 support via Telegram and WeChat, as well as email contact.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2017, during a bull market. As a result, the platform quickly gained popularity and attracted users from around the world. Currently, it is slightly less popular compared to other exchanges. However, this does not hinder the company’s development, as KuCoin’s services are regularly expanded with new features.

According to the platform, the exchange is based in Hong Kong. However, it turns out that the company is registered in Singapore to avoid the restrictive legal regulations in the People’s Republic of China. The owners do not publicly disclose much information about the company.

Register on KuCoin exchange and receive a bonus of $500!

The platform provides its services not only in Asia but also in Europe. European users, including Polish users, have access to the exchange through the Polish version of the website. According to the founders, KuCoin reaches nearly 5 million users from 200 countries. These statistics may be surprising, especially considering that KuCoin is not as mainstream as platforms like Binance.

KuCoin Security

On the exchange’s website, we can read “KuCoin always puts user safety first”. KuCoin is known for its stable level of security. The exchange employs modern security systems and mechanisms to protect both user data and funds. The funds are held in segregated wallets, which means they are not mixed with KuCoin’s own funds. Interestingly, the exchange has introduced its own program called big bounty, which rewards users for reporting security vulnerabilities.

KuCoin holds the necessary licenses and certificates to operate in the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, multi-level mechanisms are implemented to reduce the risk of hacking. The website offers micro wallets for fund withdrawals, as well as an in-house risk control department. Users must go through the KYC authentication and verification process.

KuCoin Offer


  • KuCoin allows trading of various cryptocurrencies in crypto-to-crypto exchanges. However, it should be noted that fiat currencies are not offered, which is considered the biggest drawback of the exchange by most investors. On the other hand, some opinions suggest that this theoretically ensures greater privacy of transactions.
  • There are various functionalities available that enhance trading. Users can set price thresholds and use Stop-Limit orders, among other features. It is also worth noting that trading on KuCoin is attractive due to competitive transaction fees, which are set at 0.1%.
  • Trading on KuCoin can be done in the form of spot transactions, leveraged transactions, using trading bots, and through the “Convert” service. The “Convert” feature allows for the conversion of cryptocurrencies with just one click. As a result, it enables faster trading without hidden fees.

Available cryptocurrencies on KuCoin

KuCoin exchange offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. Users can trade with lesser-known altcoins (over 300 options). In total, there are nearly 500 currency pairs available. According to the company, the goal is to support up to 1,000 different cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin has also created its own cryptocurrency called KuCoin Shares (KCS), which has been renamed to KuCoin Token. Holding this currency comes with certain benefits. KCS holders can enjoy favorable discounts and reduced transaction fees.

Other services

Other services available on KuCoin include derivatives, an NFT trading platform, and services that allow users to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies. The list of available options is presented below.

Derivatives – thanks to a wide range of options, users can trade futures contracts and leverage trading.

  • Futures Classic (up to 100x leverage);
  • Futures Lite (fast and easy futures trading);
  • Futures Fighting;
  • Leveraged Tokens.

Earning – KuCoin provides various options for earning passive income. Through crypto loans and the KuCoin Earn service, users can earn on top cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, as well as niche altcoins. Importantly, it is also possible to earn interest on stablecoins (e.g., USDT or USDC).

  • Crypto Loans – lending cryptocurrencies and earning interest – users can earn on BTC, ETH, various altcoins, and stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. KuCoin offers a special feature called “Crypto Lending” for passive income.
  • KuCoin Earn – another option for earning interest on held cryptocurrencies – users can earn on BTC, ETH, various altcoins, and stablecoins such as USDT and USDC;
  • Spotlight (KuCoin’s token launch platform);
  • KuCoin Pool (platform for cryptocurrency mining using computational power).

NFT Trading Platform – simply connect your wallet to quickly and conveniently buy, sell, and trade NFT tokens.

KuCoin Wallet – allows for the storage of cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens. The wallet can be downloaded from Google Play, AppStore, and Web Store. It is the official KuCoin wallet with over 10 million users worldwide. The website states that this wallet has leading security measures.

Register on KuCoin exchange and receive a bonus of $500!

KuCoin Knowledge Base

KuCoin, like other major cryptocurrency exchanges, provides a lot of guides and educational content. Before starting trading, it is worth reviewing the “Beginner’s Guide” and checking the news and announcements on A good introduction is also to familiarize yourself with the FAQ section in the KuCoin Help Center at

Both beginners and experienced investors will find plenty of practical content there. Some of them are helpful for taking the first steps on the exchange, while others can be valuable for more experienced users.

Commissions and fees

The main goal set by the founders of KuCoin was to create an exchange with competitive fees. This goal seems to have been achieved as it has been one of the exchanges with low fees for several years. The transaction fees are set at 0.1%, which is very competitive compared to the costs on other platforms. The industry average is around 0.20-0.25%.

Deposits are completely free, except for a few cryptocurrency transactions where small fees may apply. The amount of fees depends on the selected type of cryptocurrency.

For example, when purchasing BTC worth 1000 PLN, the user incurs a fee of only one PLN. This is one of the lowest rates on the market.

The situation is slightly different when it comes to spot and futures fees. Here, the fee rates depend on the achieved “levels” by users. There are 12 levels in total. Spot fees are calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Level 0: 0 KCS – Maker/Taker: 0.1%, KCS Maker/Taker: 0.08%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 1: 1000 KCS – Maker/Taker: 0.09%/0.1%, KCS Maker/Taker: 0.072%/0.08%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 2: 10,000 KCS – Maker/Taker: 0.07%/0.09%, KCS Maker/Taker: 0.056%/0.072%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 3: 20,000 KCS – Maker/Taker: 0.05%/0.08%, KCS Maker/Taker: 0.04%/0.064%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 4: 30,000 KCS – Maker/Taker: 0.03%/0.07%, KCS Maker/Taker: 0.024%/0.056%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 5: 40,000 KCS – Maker/Taker: 0%/0.07%, KCS Maker/Taker: 0%/0.056%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 500.
  • Level 12: 150,000 KCS – Maker/Taker: -0.005%/0.025%, KCS Maker/Taker: -0.005%/0.02%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 3000.

Futures fees:

  • Level 0: 0 KCS – Maker 0.2%, Taker 0.06%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 1: 1000 KCS – Maker 0.015%, Taker 0.06%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 2: 10,000 KCS – Maker 0.01%, Taker 0.06%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 3: 20,000 KCS – Maker 0.01%, Taker 0.05%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 4: 30,000 KCS – Maker 0.01%, Taker 0.04%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 200.
  • Level 5: 40,000 KCS – Maker 0%, Taker 0.04%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 500.
  • Level 12: 150,000 KCS – Maker -0.015%, Taker 0.03%. Maximum daily BTC withdrawal: 3000.

How to register an account on KuCoin?

Creating an account on KuCoin is an easy process that doesn’t take much time. To register on the platform, you need to go to the website and choose the “Sign Up” option.

  • After selecting “Sign Up,” you need to set a login and a unique password for your account.
  • You also need to provide an email address and phone number. This allows for basic verification.
  • An activation link will be sent to your email inbox, which you need to confirm.
  • You will also need to set account security measures based on two-factor authentication. To do this, go to the “Account security” tab. Users also need to set a security question, which is helpful in case of forgetting the password.
  • For individuals who want to make withdrawals larger than 2 BTC per day, KYC verification is required. This process is the same as on other exchanges. You need to attach a scan of a valid identification document.
Register on KuCoin exchange and receive a bonus of $500!

KYC Verification

Is KYC verification required on KuCoin? Basic email verification is required for everyone who wants to create an account on the exchange. To do this, simply confirm your email address by clicking the activation link. On the other hand, to perform higher transactions and gain full platform functionality, extended verification is necessary. Unauthorized accounts can only withdraw 1 BTC per day. Fully verified accounts can withdraw up to 200 BTC within 24 hours. Institutional accounts, on the other hand, can withdraw up to 500 BTC every 24 hours. Current information on this topic can be found on the website:

DEMO Account

Beginners who have never used KuCoin can use the demo version. It allows you to learn trading based on a simple system, without risk and the need to deposit funds.

How to deposit funds on KuCoin?

Deposits on KuCoin can only be made in cryptocurrencies. The platform does not support FIAT currencies. Therefore, you simply need to transfer funds from an external crypto wallet to your KuCoin account.

Alternatively, you can buy crypto through separate services, such as Simples or Banaxa (services that support FIAT currencies). Additionally, it is worth noting that KuCoin has a P2P service, which allows you to buy crypto from other users.

To deposit Bitcoin from an external wallet, you need to:

  1. Click “Deposit” on your KuCoin account page.
  2. Choose Bitcoin from the list of cryptocurrencies.
  3. Copy the unique Bitcoin withdrawal number by clicking the “Copy” button.
  4. Go to your electronic wallet and send the chosen amount to the copied address to fund your KuCoin wallet.

How to withdraw funds from KuCoin?

Withdrawing funds from your KuCoin wallet is also quick and easy, even for beginners. To do this, you need to:

  1. Go to the assets tab and click “Withdraw”.
  2. Enter the wallet address to which the funds should be sent and the amount of coins.
  3. Enter the code generated in Google Authenticator and confirm the operation.
  4. The funds usually arrive at the address within 10 minutes.

Bonuses for KuCoin users

KuCoin offers various bonuses not only to new users for creating an account. The discounts offered by the exchange are given for meeting different conditions, such as:

  • 20% bonus for referrals. This includes discounts for each referred investor.
  • 30% discount on referral fees for KCS users.
  • Affiliate program with a 30-50% commission for the client, depending on the value of the assets held.
  • Various bonuses for users with KCS tokens.
Register on KuCoin exchange and receive a bonus of $500!

Advantages and disadvantages of KuCoin exchange

One of the drawbacks mentioned in the context of KuCoin is the limitation of spot and futures trading. Another drawback is the possibility of depositing funds into the KuCoin wallet only in cryptocurrencies, as FIAT currencies are not supported.

A big advantage is one of the lowest fees on the market and attractive bonuses for users. In summary, it is also worth noting that this is a stable platform, which is usually described as one that offers a high level of asset security. At the same time, an interesting aspect is the quite loose approach to KYC, as it is possible to use the account without full verification (unverified accounts have a withdrawal limit of up to 2 BTC per day, which is quite a high threshold for most traders).

Beginner users can easily use the exchange. However, it is rather a platform recommended for experienced investors looking for a wide selection of altcoins, low fees, and an extensive trading dashboard.

The most frequently mentioned disadvantages of KuCoin are:

  • No possibility of depositing and trading in traditional currencies;
  • No security deposits;
  • Less known payment methods;
  • No FIAT currencies;
  • 24/7 support only in English;
  • Extensive functionality designed especially for professionals.

The advantages definitely include the demo test account. Another advantage is the ability to trade without the need for extended verification with an ID card.

The advantages of KuCoin are:

  • One of the lowest fees on the market;
  • Wide selection of cryptocurrencies;
  • Advanced platform and a range of additional features;
  • Native mobile application for iOS and Android devices;
  • Attractive bonuses for users;
  • Advanced security systems and asset protection;
  • Spot and futures trading;
  • No deposit fees;
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support;
  • No mandatory verification – anonymous trading;
  • Intuitive exchange interface;
  • Fast processing of financial transactions.
Register on KuCoin exchange and receive a bonus of $500!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is KuCoin exchange safe?

KuCoin is a platform that offers a high level of asset protection. It is an exchange that has been stable in the market for years. There is information on the Internet that KuCoin can boast a high level of security.

More about security can be read here:

What are the opinions about KuCoin?

KuCoin is highly rated by users, especially those with more experience. Long-term investors will find many advanced trading features on the platform. There are many positive comments about the wide selection of cryptocurrencies and analysis tools.

What is the support like on KuCoin?

KuCoin exchange has a help desk that supports users 24/7. Users can use two forms of contact: live chat and a ticket submission form. Customer support is available in many languages. The website also has an FAQ section that is constantly updated, as well as a regularly updated section with tutorials in the form of articles and videos.

Is KuCoin a good exchange for beginners?

The platform itself is quite difficult to use, so new users may not quickly understand it. However, the website is very extensive and can be personalized, which is a definite plus.

What data is needed to create an account?

For basic account registration, an email address or phone number is required. Of course, the data must be true – for example, because SMS verification is required. After completing a simple account registration procedure, trading can be started without any problems.

Users who decide to undergo KYC verification gain access to more features and have increased withdrawal limits.

What fees apply on KuCoin?

The exchange has some of the lowest fees on the market. Trading fees range from 0.1% (maker and taker). Spot and futures fees are slightly higher, but their amount depends on the assets held.

Does KuCoin support the Polish language?

Yes, the web platform is available in Polish. To select Polish language, you need to click on the globe icon in the upper right corner and choose Polish language.

Is KYC necessary on KuCoin exchange?

You can register an account using an email address or phone number. Full verification increases the withdrawal limit. However, unverified accounts have a withdrawal limit of 1 BTC per day. Verified accounts can withdraw up to 200 BTC. Institutional accounts, on the other hand, can withdraw up to 500 BTC every 24 hours. For detailed information in this regard, it is best to consult the exchange’s website:

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